Social networks: How to spot fake wanted notices published by stalkers?

Every year, tens of thousands of people faint in nature in France. While some disappearances are voluntary, others are considered particularly worrying by the authorities. In most cases – and often before an investigation is even opened – families post wanted notices on social media . The goal ? Maximize the chances of finding a missing person. But in some cases, this word of mouth can be dangerous. Because in recent years, several fake wanted notices have been published on social networks, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Claiming to be looking for a loved one who has disappeared, some people seek the help of Internet users to physically locate or “stalk” (track or spy on) someone.

This is what happened in mid-March, on Twitter. In a message posted on the social network, a certain Camille Martin was worried about the disappearance of her best friend at the exit of a nightclub in Rennes. “Her name is Violette, she is 26 years old and wore a red dress with docs. She was dancing with a rather tall, dark-haired guy with a beard. I remember he has a scorpion tattooed on the back of his neck,” it read. First massively shared, the wanted notice quickly aroused suspicion about its veracity.

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